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Originate from Bandgel ® - Hydrogel technologies, the cosmetics applications have a large scale of derived products line.

Large range of ergonomics masks series for body cosmetics therapies are available, in simple process productions. Vaste spectrums of chemical addition from natural products, as example from Amazonian region flora, were attained making available a wide range of new natural products.

Just dipping the membrane in an aqueous solution drugs can be incorporated allowing the simplest way to promote the slow drugs delivery according to each cosmetics recommendation. The proper body absorption provides oxygen access to the skin and secretions are removed from leaving undamaged granular tissue.




Besides the acquaintances chemical ingredients that can be joined to the gel for skin treatment, other natural ones traditional of tropical areas and acknowledged efficient by clinical tests can be added:

The ingredients might be the following ones:

¤ Chestnut of Brazil- agent ultra emollient
¤ Buriti - A vitamin contribution
¤ Copaíba - Natural germicide
¤ Guarana - Excellent for cutaneous re-mineralize
¤ Passion fruit - Nutritious action due to omega 6 presence
¤ Ucuuba Butter - Source of nourish emollients and skin protecting
¤ Muru-muru Butter - Excellent nutrient for dry skin
¤ Cupuaçu Butter - Highly moisturizer
¤ Surinam cherry - Antioxidants contribution for skin and scalp
¤ Brazilian algae - the brown algae, marines of the Phaeophyceae class are rich in polysaccharides moisturizing poly-uronics, besides mineral salts, vitamins, microelements and essential metabolites.




Moldable and designed to many body shapes as a result of its softness and flexibility showing good adhesion to the skin without any adhesion to wounds or surface imperfections.




The cosmetics masks dressing is produced with pure water and biocompatible medical grade polymers, being sterile as a result of the irradiation process.
Approved already “in vitro” biocompatibility essays.

The main properties are:

¤ Ensures stable humidity of the therapeutic environment promoting faster treatment
¤ Reduces dramatically the pain and nuisance due to sunburns or swollen skin due to its softness and flexibility.
¤ After the dressing application, promotes the temperature reduction of the mask skin boundary increasing the comfort even further and controlling the treatment response.
¤ Forms a barrier for bacteria from outside, which promotes the sterility of the treatment.
¤ Protects against loss of the body fluids.
¤ Provides oxygen access to the skin.
¤ Presents good adhesion to the skin, without any adhesion to wounds or scars.
¤ No allergic response was detected
¤ During the dressing changes, the secretions are removed from the skin leaving undamaged granular tissue.


Paw-of-cow, fingernail-of-ox, mororó (Bauhinia forficata)
Native of the Southwest countries appears in mountainous areas, used in the folkloric medicine to control diabetes and renal problems
Chemical representatives:
Flavonoids: kaempferitrina, rhamnopiranosil-kaempferol, rhamnopiranosil quercetina Polialcohols: D-pinitol
Proteins: insulin Terpens: alpha and beta pinen, sabinen, beta ocimen
Action: Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobian, antioxidant
Indication: Oily Skin, feet, armpits

White Andiroba, mandiroba, Carapinha (Carapa guianensis)
Origin starting from Cuba, Trinidad and south of Honduras, even in the islands of the Amazon estuary and low Tocantins, spread between the jaboti trees and ucuúba. Used by Indians for insects stings, cuts and wounds.
Chemical representatives:
Wax acids: capróico, miristico, palmítico, margárico
Coumarins: escopoletina, cleomiscosina
Flavonoids: naringenina, catequina sciadopitisina
Terpens: biciclogermacreno, alpha humuleno
Action: Healing, repellent of insects,
Other Indications: Bath insects repellent for use in the beach or forests

Dragon blood, irariki, quirari (Croton draconoides)
Frequently found in clearings and altered areas of plateau and slopes of the Amazonian central and oriental. Used as cicatrizing for cuts and wounds, vaginal baths, especially related to the menstrual disturbances
Chemical representatives:
Flavonóides: galocatequina, epigalocatequina,
Action: Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobian, antioxidant, antimutagenic, healing, antiviral (effectiveness against herpes simplex, virus RSv parainfluenza and AIDS associated diarrhea proven and published in world clinical studies)
Repellent of insects (effectiveness tested by Termonex pest control company, New Orleans, USA)
Other Indications: Insects Repellent bath for use in the beach or forests, Intimate soap for TPM

Leafs of fortune, herb of the coast, for-everything (Kalanchoe brasiliensis)

Found in the northeast of Brazil, mainly Pernambuco, Alagoas and Bahia. Used traditionally for chilblains, burns, erysipelas, headache relief
Chemical representatives:
Organic acids: ferulic, cumaric, cafeic
Wax Acids: palmitic, stereatic, araquidic, behenic
Amino acids: acid glutamic, metionin
Flavonoids: kalambrosídeo, patuletina
Action: Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobian, antiulcer
Indication: • Bath Regenerator after sun

Goiabeira, araça of the souls, guayava (Psidium guajava)
Natural of Mexico, used traditionally to calm the skin burns)
Chemical representatives:
Flavonoids: guaijaverina, avicularina, hiperina
Triterpenoids: acids oleanolics, crataegolics, ursolic
Action: Antimicrobian, analgesic, Anti-inflammatory
Indication: Sedative bath after sun

FMS - Flexible Manufacturing System

The Cosmetics Bandgel ® manufacture is developed generating a modeling approach for the design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) using a concurrent engineering approach to use a particular FMS - Blister Packing integrating irradiation process (sterilization).

A FMS is defined as an integrated and automated production system containing:

(a) flexible process equipment, normally automated machines with numeric control and equipped with quick tool change ability,
(b) material handling equipment including transfer lines or conveyor belts, forklifts, elevators, automated guided vehicles (AGVS) as well as automated storage and inventory handling systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS),
(c) sophisticated computerized communication and control systems integrating process and material handling equipment, and

(d) a modern maintenance support structure that can bring the system quickly back to normal after equipment failure.

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