Technology Trends

Researchers are paying a lot of attention to advances are being made in the areas of photonics, 3D silicon chip and MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) processors, which have moving parts too small for the human eye to see.

Sensors will also play a big role in technology moving forward, batteries efficiency will be improved.

The popular use of micro fuel cells will emerge, however, other innovations, such as OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) and OLEP (organic light-emitting polymer) screens, will help conserve power for mobile and handheld computers. OLED and OLEP are scientific simulations of how jellyfish emit light naturally.

Some trends are visible as improving wireless, standards for technologies, better user interfaces, a trusted computing environment and miniaturization.

The Technology Section

A representative list of new technologies includes, but is not restricted to: new or improved technologies or techniques, products, devices, materials, processes, compositions, systems, machines, apparatuses, articles, fixtures, tools, methods, basic scientific data and software.



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Despite the great complexity to foresee technology trends which will continues to change the face of society and business, the overall trends for humanity will be the creation of the truly connected society, smart networked objects and semantic connectivity.


The increasing availability of wireless broadband networks will be one of the greatest agents of change.

Increasing computing power is a constant technology truth, however, not every technology will be an immediate success despite the speed of technical innovation.

Technologies that became successful quickly had threads of synchronization, such as using current computing or technical standards, the ability to easily snap into existing infrastructure and are easy to use.

This section is dedicated to the publication of technologies, trends and new technologies.

New Technologies are defined as any invention, discovery, improvement, or innovation, patents or patentable if it was either first conceived or actually condensed to practice in the work implementation, industrial or utilities.

This includes any new and useful processes, machines, manufacture, or process; or any new and useful improvement in existing processes, machines, manufacture, or arrangement of matter.





The Center for Computational Research at the University at Buffalo – State University of New York has presented a three-dimensional, real-time traffic visualization that allows the public and the planners to see how the proposed integration of car and rail traffic would work on Buffalo's Main Street before any of the actual construction begins.

The simulator Includes an extreme detailed visualization, which virtually immerses spectators in virtual experiences as real as they are standing on a street corner, riding on a Metro or driving along the Main Street, or view the flow of automobiles and pedestrians from the perspective of the storefronts.



NIL Technology

Nano-Imprint Lithography



NIL Technology sells stamps for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and provides imprint services. Stamps made in Silicon, Quartz, and Nickel are offered. Large area homogeneous imprints are ensured with NIL Technology stamps by a patent pending stamp technology. The stamps are produced with customer defined stamp patterns.

NIL technology stamps can be used in many different applications such as (but not limited to):

¤ Consistent energy, e.g. solar cells and fuel cells
¤ Batteries
Micro and nano fluidics
Light emitting diodes and lasers
Life science, e.g. controlled cell behaviour surfaces and lab-on-a-chip systems
Optics, e.g. gratings, integrated optical devices, SERS substrates, and anti reflective structures
Radio frequency (RF) components
Data storage, e.g. optical media, magnetic media, and holograms
Security, e.g. holograms
CPU’s and memory



A state of art technology for the future

Three-dimensional Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, or , is an innovative combination of technologies for shaping silicon into three-dimensional structures, encapsulation, and contacting for easy mounting and assembly - offering excellent sensor accuracy, small unit size, and low power consumption.

An advanced sensor can be fabricated in a tiny piece of silicon, capable of measuring acceleration in three orthogonal directions.

Using the 3D-MEMS technology, that VTI Technologies can produce optimized structures for accurate inclination angle sensors, for example, to provide mechanical damping in acceleration sensors for use in environments subject to strong vibration, and high-resolution altimeters.

The power requirements of these sensors are extremely low, which gives them a significant advantage in battery-operated devices.

NIL Technologies
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Technologies Transfer

Principal Objective of the " Factory of Factories " Portal, the main specialty of LabGraph's team is technologies transfer, recognized as the main strategy for industrial development.

Operating continually within the academic middle and with researches institutes, companies and inventors from the most advanced centers, LabGraph SA usually proposes a massive amount of new technologies, available for production under license, international partnerships, joint ventures and associations.

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LabGraph teams are experts in industrial projects, especially within integration of new lines of technologies and production, licensing new technologies or adopting new equipments and technologies or process.
The LabGraph's teams, possesses consultants in all levels in several European, American, Canadian and Brazilian centers, establishing projects, offering legal support and technological structure also economical-financial analysis in resources for the Industry.
Resources in Joint Venture, outsourcing, licensing and new facilities structure, layout and infrastructure are more prominent specialties of LabGraph SA.

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