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Principal Objective of the " Factory of Factories " Portal, the main specialty of LabGraph's team is technologies transfer, recognized as the main strategy for industrial development.

Operating continually within the academic middle and with researches institutes, companies and inventors from the most advanced centers, LabGraph SA usually proposes a massive amount of new technologies, available for production under license, international partnerships, joint ventures and associations.

The "Factory of Factories" portal was developed to offer assistance for the technologies transfer sector, just publishing part of the available technologies in the most outstanding sections.

However the most active sectors, have availability of thousands of new technologies in periods more and more short, what turns into a very extensive publication. Targeting research of more suitable technologies, the LabGraph's team accomplishes identified searches and driven for specific companies, from the most recent researches, even patents which correspond to the industries installed or in installation capacity.

LabGraph SA consulting is able to support any company dimension offering a solution and an appropriate proposal.

Therefore is possible to find international partners for companies of any size that has technologies allowing to be introduced at other markets. One of the LabGraph SA' programs of more assets are to establish worldwide production programs, supplanting export problems, taxes and distribution difficulties through licensed local productions.
Brazilian market is one of our main region actions, where we have settled now a new branch.
From find a local partner, facilities, suppliers, subcontracting or outsourcing, LabGraph is always a confident, reliable on the integrity and efficient consultant.
Counting with a strong relationship within the main Industrial Associations, and supporting all phases of a manufacture settling up facilities, licensing or joint venture, LabGraph consultants have origin in USA, Europe and Canada.

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LabGraph teams are experts in industrial projects, especially within integration of new lines of technologies and production, licensing new technologies or adopting new equipments and technologies or process.

The LabGraph's teams, possesses consultants in all levels in several European, American, Canadian and Brazilian centers, establishing projects, offering legal support and technological structure also economical-financial analysis in resources for the Industry.

Resources in Joint Venture, outsourcing, licensing and new facilities structure, layout and infrastructure are more prominent specialties of LabGraph SA.

From the development of Businesses Plan according to the international pattern, plan of industrial development, industrial planning, methods & processes, marketing plan, export and development, international markets analysis, are accomplished by specialists that are integrated into the middle, offering conditions for the industrial partners to obtain resources and knowledge from both sides. 

Researching solutions for each industrial company specifically represents one of the most effective ways to contribute a solution without running over excessive costs. A company can obtain important capital contributions, capable to offer appropriate development means, creating licensing production means in expanding emergent markets as well as joint ventures or outsourcing production and distribution.

The Brazilian market as well offer now industrial boom, delivering to all South America in compatible numbers allowing producers to present a very interesting local profile. Energy autonomy, and big agricultural production are main milestones for a growing rich market. Installing a new company in Brazil is one of the main consultancy resources of local LabGraph's team.

Also investors and venture capital, have contribution of capitals increasing investing in new companies, new projects and technologies, getting shares in companies, proposing capital opening and transforming small companies in great enterprises.

These possibilities are appropriate for companies in initial phase, or simple inventions, and small to medium companies.

LabGraph SA also operates with extensive inventory of companies listed for technology transfer and joint ventures.

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Tecnology Transfer - Available Technologies

RPD - Rapid Product Development
RP - Rapid Prototyping
RT - Rapid Tooling



The technologies that are changing in a fast way the manufacturing systems represent the most important industrial subject.

The FoF portal has a special section with a complete directory to suppliers, technology and research covering all these domains.

FlexRobot® is a device patent pending technology for vacuum devices, presenting large amount of applications and functions from household to medical and industrial applications.

See the section for eleven sequential pages showing main applications.

New Products for Manufacturing

The section proposal is offer to industries new technologies, patents, technology transfer for manufacturing new products under licensing agreement or other forms.



HMSPP - High Melt Strenght Polypropylene



Due to its inherent nature, polypropylene lacks melt strength. HMSPP contains long chain branches and consequently exhibits significantly high melt strength. These HMSPP grades offer unique balance of processability and high melt elasticity required for foaming, thermoforming, and extrusion.

Integrated Systems Operation Technologies & Advanced Training

The ISOTAT monitoring automation strategy offers solutions that accomplish the highest return for automation monitoring investments.

The solutions, while combining automation with information management (KM), is the only system that integrates completely the plan of industrial plant, control center, engineering laboratories and the administrative offices, including training & decision-support, e-monitoring, e-maintenance.




Originate from Bandgel ® - Hydrogel technologies, the cosmetics applications have a large scale of derived products line.

Large range of ergonomics masks series for body cosmetics therapies are available, in simple process productions. Vaste spectrums of chemical addition from natural products, as example from Amazonian region flora, were attained making available a wide range of new natural products.



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