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Factory of Factories Portal


The "Factory of Factories" Portal mission is a portfolio designed for the fast development of products and industrial systems worldwide, focusing on principles from a raw material, process, design, patents or technology.

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F & F Program

Introduces themes as:

Portfolio Program
Obejctives & Qualifications
Product & Design
Products & Production Lines
Program & Information

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Open section for articles from all sources as:

• Government
• Inventors
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Presents Introduction to the principal recent information from R & D, technologies, patents, technology transfer, new products, licensing, world trends, etc.

The aim of this section is to call attention to special subjects, and offering a publishing space for huge spectre of information.

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International Program

Factory of Factories main approach divides programs in two axes:

Industrially Developed Countries
Countries in Industrial Development

Due to different resources, the needs of technology are distinct, so FofF program drives support and information for each one, researches and links.

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Industrial Programs

The serie of articles program consists of modern industrial systems automated or semi-automated development and adapted to the quick change of products inside the same production line, including FMS– Flexible Manufacturing Systems, or industrial cell systems and Rapid Products Development, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling.

Industrial Systems without own industrial facilities is an other approach integrating main resarches and technologies.

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Research & Development

Introducing recent programs, R & D - Research & Development, technology transfer, the section of industrial programs R&D is an open forum to the applied industrial technology development.

Integrating industry and research ready for transfer, the section is representative of new standards for industry, including links to main research sectors.

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This section is dedicated to the publication of technologies, trends and new technologies.

New Technologies are defined as any invention, discovery, improvement, or innovation, patents or patentable if it was either first conceived or actually condensed to practice in the work implementation, industrial or utilities.

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Equipment & Raw Material

The equipments section allows finding suppliers and some news on the equipments R & D. Representing a vast and multidisciplinary subject, only few themes are of general interest.

The section Raw Material is not merely open to new raw material, but also to recognized existent raw material, process, technologies & methods.

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This section encompasses Labgraph and FoF partners, corroborating the high level of programs and projects distinguished into the portal.

Links provided on each section and at the directory, allows accessing right the main portals or sites of our partners.

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The section shows main people, researchers, companies, institutions mentioned into the portal, with authorized address, links to sites and portals, giving access to large knowledge and references.


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RPD - Rapid Product Development
RP - Rapid Prototyping
RT - Rapid Tooling



The technologies that are changing in a fast way the manufacturing systems represent the most important industrial subject.

The FoF portal has a special section with a complete directory to suppliers, technology and research covering all these domains.

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FlexRobot® is a device patent pending technology for vacuum devices, presenting large amount of applications and functions from household to medical and industrial applications.

See the section for eleven sequential pages showing main applications.

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New Products for Manufacturing

The section proposal is offer to industries new technologies, patents, technology transfer for manufacturing new products under licensing agreement or other forms.

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HMSPP - High Melt Strenght Polypropylene

Due to its inherent nature, polypropylene lacks melt strength. HMSPP contains long chain branches and consequently exhibits significantly high melt strength. These HMSPP grades offer unique balance of processability and high melt elasticity required for foaming, thermoforming, and extrusion.

Integrated Systems Operation Technologies & Advanced Training

The ISOTAT monitoring automation strategy offers solutions that accomplish the highest return for automation monitoring investments.
The solutions, while combining automation with information management (KM), is the only system that integrates completely the plan of industrial plant, control center, engineering laboratories and the administrative offices, including training & decision-support, e-monitoring, e-maintenance.
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Originate from Bandgel ® - Hydrogel technologies, the cosmetics applications have a large scale of derived products line.

Large range of ergonomics masks series for body cosmetics therapies are available, in simple process productions. Vaste spectrums of chemical addition from natural products, as example from Amazonian region flora, were attained making available a wide range of new natural products.

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Advertising on FoF Portal

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Factory of Factories® Portal
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